About Enid

I love people, food, golden retrievers, my sweet little calico cat,  and Mr. D who is my light. We usually crack up at our attempts at photography and technology as we were born during the one short-two-long rings …  dial phone era.

We enjoy growing and preparing fresh food from our garden and farmers market in southeastern Minnesota bluff country. This area offers an abundance of verdant rich farmland surrounded by limestone bluffs, scenic valleys, and trout streams. The biggest obstacles to a producing garden are the omnipresent deer who snack on everything green.  It seems they prefer  jalapenos, tomatoes and cilantro. I don’t know if I should leave tortilla chips out for Bambi or just replant after my tears dry. However I remain grateful that I am able to observe these magnificent graceful creatures up close and personal.

David is the city golf mouse and I am the corn fed Hereford country mouse. Let me pick sweet corn during a thunderstorm or dig potatoes during sleet and I am complete. Putting that a different way, we are enjoying our fourteenth meal of climbing Italian Romano beans from one miraculous seed …….. and appreciating every fresh beany bite!

Welcome to our Norse, Scottish and Irish world and thank you for stopping by to let us share it with you. Visit again soon and appreciate what you eat!