Jilly’s Dilly’s – Do You Carrot All?

Back when my kids were kids, the laundry room/pantry served as storage for the jeweled array of beets, peach pickles, dills, sauerkraut, corn relish, hot peppers, jams, jellies and many forms of tomato products.

I pickled garden goodies experimentally and often threatened the munchkins with pickling them as well. Translated, that meant doing chores like weeding and mowing before getting boating privileges as we summered on Lake Marion,  a pristine little lake in west central Minnesota. Water privileges and fishing rights were compelling.

If there were more serious measures needed, it was “time out” in the laundry because and water-boarding wasn’t a commonly known interrogation technique back then.  I later learned that the reason this was never met with much resistance is because the little munchkins were munching from the jars in the pantry.

The jar opener and empty jars were returned to inventory.
So did I or do I “carrot” all? Nope.
The munchkins are all grown now and karma is a bitch.

Jilly’s Dilly Carrots

2 1/2 lbs carrots cut into 4 inch sticks
5 cups water
2 1/2 cups white vinegar
1/3 cup pickling salt
1/3 cup sugar
8 small sprigs dill
4 cloves garlic, halved
1/4 teaspoon mustard seed per jar
Red bell pepper strips for color
Coriander seeds, optional
Crushed red pepper for heat, optional

Blanch carrots for 2 minutes and refresh in ice water.  Heat water, vinegar, pickling salt and sugar to a gentle boil.

Pack 4 sterilized pint jars  with garlic, mustard seed, crushed pepper, coriander seeds and two small sprigs of  dill.  Arrange carrots sticks with bell pepper for color and fill with the hot brine to ½ inch of the top of the jar.  Wipe rims and seal.  Process for 5 minutes.  Do not overly process or the carrots will be soft, and you don’t want the munchkins to sense weakness.


  1. Jill says:

    Your blog is lovely and I love your recipes.
    Adding you to my list of blogs.

    1. Enid says:

      Jill! Thank you for your gracious note. I just watched your soap making video. You are such a natural before the camera with the doable ideas! You will be having your own show, I hope!

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